Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Deakin - Golden Chords http://deakinjams.bandcamp.com/releases
Un Blonde - Staying In Line https://eggpaper.bandcamp.com/album/good-will-come-to-you
Pauline Oliveros - Horse Sings From Cloud (part 1)
U.S. Girls - Sororal Feelings
White Poppy - Drifters Gold https://whitepoppy.bandcamp.com/album/drifters-gold-ep-2013
My Bloody Valenine - Moon Song
Jons - So Slow https://jawns.bandcamp.com/
Jon Vaughn - Composition for Turntable, Tape and Percussion http://magneticdomaintapes.ca/
Jason Sharp - A Boat Upon Its Blood
Mickey Newbury - Interlude + Remember the Good
Arthur Russell - Keeping Up
Rodriguez - I Think of You

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