Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Manitoba (a.k.a Caribou) - Jacknuggeted
Four Tet - Twenty Three
Maybe Smith - Everyone Ruins Something
The Books - Be Good To Them Always
Koushik - Be With
Cornelius - Fit Song
Miracle Fortress - Miscalculations
YACHT - So Post All ' Em
Blue Hawaii - Try To Be
Azeda Booth - Neonate
Pat Jordache - O.M.O.
Dan Deacon - Okie Dokie
Arthur RusseLl - That's Us/Wild Combination
Silly Kissers - Treat Me Like You Do
Mozart's Sister - Enjoy
Dntel - I'd Like To Know
American Analog Set - The Postman
Mum - We Have A Map Of The Piano
Gold Panda - Flinton
Grimes - Symphonie IX (my wait is u)
Watering - Oases For The Quiet
Fuck Buttons - Phantom Limb
Pantha Du Prince - Lay In A Shimmer

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