Tuesday, November 7, 2017

HaLlOweEn SpOoOooOk tImE rAdIo HoUr SPOOOO   K

Suicide - Ghost Rider
Nu Sensae - Skull Mecca
Shooting Guns - Black Hand
Wyrd Visions - Ceremony
Timer Timbre - Lay Down In the Tall Grass
Mount Eerie - The Air in the Morning
The Shags - It's Halloween
Ariel Pink - Fright Night
Sean Nicholas Savage - Vampire
Dirty Beaches - Au Revoir Mon Visage
Scott Walker - Track Six
Broadcast and The Focus Group - Ritual / Looking In
Emeralds - Damaged Kids

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Gavin Bryars - Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
Neil Young - Motion Pictures
Velvet Underground - Jesus
Un Blonde - Without a Sound
Sandro Perri - Everybody's Talkin
Jackson Macintosh - Snakesong
Monomyth - Cool Blue Hello
Steely Dan - Deacon Blues

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fountain - Emerald Dripping Flat
Century Palm - Reset Reaction
Alex Calder - Time
Friendo - Pass Time
Nap Eyes - Mixer
Kurt Vile - Life Like This
Cousins - Anxious
Alex Cameron - Strangers Kiss w/ Angel Olsen
Redhouse Painters - Helicopter
Atlas Sound - Criminals
Paul McCartney - Coming Up
Beat Happening - Teenage Caveman
The Swirlies - Sarah Sitting

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Silver Jews - Punks in the Beerlight
Fountain - High Strung on Zen
Avulsions - Mars
Zad Kokar - Non-verbalite
Alex Cameron - Country Figs
Pavement - No Life Singed Her Now
Faith Healer - Best Saved For Last
Respectful Child - Wonder
No Birds - Riderless
Black Tremor - Markhor
Booji Bomb - Open Up Shop
Laraaji - Quiet Space pt. 2
Chet Baker - She Was too Good to Me

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Honey Harper - Pharaoh
Alex Cameron - True Lies
Faith Healer - Such a Gemini
Fountain - Two Ugly Doves
Sean Nicholas Savage - Opposite Truths
Sandro Perri - Impossible Spaces
Angel Olsen - Heart Shaped Face
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - To Follow and to Lead
Peter Gabriel - Of These, Hope
Do Make Say Think - Goodbye Enemy Airship

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Can- Mushroom
King Sunny Ade - Adena Ike
Jay Arner - Back To School
Faith Healer - Infinite Between
Alex Cameron - The Chihuahua
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker
Loscil - Cascadia Terminal
Ursa - Sector Zed
White Rainbow - Waves
Kool 2 - Smoke gets in your eyes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gF66QCBnPY
Tops - Seconds Erase

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dent May - It Takes a Long Time
Brian Wilson - Love & Mercy
Van Dyke Parks - Palm Desert
Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan - Sis Around the Sawmill
TOPS - I Just Wanna Make You Real
Sheer Agony - She's an Artist
Jay Arner - Earth To Jay
Supermoon - Unsaid
Heaven For Real - Know one Knows Her
Dent May - Across the Multiverse (Feat. Frankie Cosmos)
Mozart's Sister - Who Are You
El Guincho - Palmitos Park
Woolworm - Judgement Day