Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 22.
Jo Passed - Glass
John Maus - Touchdown
Gabriella Cohen - Baby
3ninjasks - Sunset Co
Nite Jewel - Real High
Project Pablo - Fine Match
Michael Rault - Dream Song
Philip Glass - Floe
Tim Hecker - Rose Light
An Ant And An Atom - Locked in Adrift
Weyes Blood - Be Free
Godwin Ezike & the Ambassadors - Torri Wowo
Tonstartssbandht - Black Country

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May fifteen eighteen

Hank Wiliams - Love Sick Blues
Devon Welsh - I'll Be Your Ladder
The Radiation Flowers - Walking Down The Street
R. Stevie Moore - Mason Jar
The Flaming Lips - The Spiderbite Song
Gal Gracen - The Hard Part Begins
Inland Island - I Find Anyways
Glenn Branca - Light Field In Consonance
Stereolab - Tone Burst
Beauty Tool - New Rot
3ninjasks - Crystal F
Mark Renner - Saints and Sages

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


The Jesus & Mary Chain - Happy When It Rains
Pups - Cement https://citr.bandcamp.com/album/citr-pop-alliance-vol-3
Bedhead - Left Behind
Hansmole - A Short Story
Braids - Burdock & Dandelion
Four Tet - You Are Loved
Prince Bunny - Moon
Jim O'Rourke - Let's Take It Again from the Top
Pyramid // Indigo - Littlebird https://pyramidindigo.bandcamp.com/album/pyramid-indigo
The Kinks - Nothing in this world can stop me worrin' bout that girl
Jan Jelinek - Moire (Strings) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hIgBEXuQD8
Wasted Cathedral - Pray For Rain
John Cage - Sonata 1

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


The Raincoats - Shouting Out Loud
Goosebump - Heather's Invitation
Freak Heat Waves - Soothing Limbo
The Switching Yard - Get a Head
Korean Gut - Gingold
Ancient Greens - Entrance Stone https://ancientgreens.bandcamp.com
Nick Drake - Things Behind the Sun
Cinema - Sem Teto https://music-from-memory.bandcamp.com/album/outro-tempo-electronic-and-contemporary-music-from-brazil-1978-1992
John Cage - Williams Mix
Lou Reed - Men of Good Fortune
Dinah Washington - That Old Feeling

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April 25th Two Thousand 18

John Maus - Quantum Leap
Freak Heat Waves - Moved You Right
The Garrys - Graveyard Curve
Nu Sensae - Gumbo
Laraaji - Cosmic Joe
George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today (by request)
Michael Hurley - Tia Marie
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Tokyo Bay Area
Sonic Youth - Peace Attack
The Avulsions - Motherless
Walter TV - Tall Mountains
Vesuvio Solo - Don't Leave Me Alone in the Dark
Niharu Koshi and Haruomi Hosono - I'm Leaving It All Up To You

Friday, April 20, 2018

April Tenth Two Thousand Eighteen

Freak Heat Waves - Melt in your Home
Mauno - Tuning
Mauno - Hand
Cass McCombs - Opposite House
Nap Eyes - You Like to Joke Around with Me
Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile - Let it Go
Bjork - Blissing Me
Braids - Native Speaker
Nils Frahm - Sunson
Loscil - Second Narrows
The Flying Machine - Marie Take a Chance
April Third Two Thousand Eighteen

Jo Passed - No Joy ( I'm Not Real Girl )
Frigs - Chest
Hobo Cubes - Reflections
Necking - Daddy Issues
Dumb - Mint
Dada Plan - The Horns Blow
Juan Wauters - I was Well
This Heat - Cenotaph
Jan Steele - All Day
Gigi Masin - Talk to the Sea
Mount Eerie - O My Heart
Silver Jews - Rebel Jew